Snollebollekes Live in Concert
Nondeju, nie normaal!

Claimed to be the Netherlands’ most popular party act, Snollebollekes sure as hell proved their point when they sold out a packed GelreDome before you could say “Bobbelen”! We built a full visual show from end to finish, containing bespoke visuals, chromakeyed footage, timecoded video and much more. Basically, it was just one big no-frills party, with a lick of carnival and a hint of après-ski. Our video team of one VJ and one media server operator contributed to keeping it no-frills for the partygoers throughout the show.


Suzanne van Dongen Art director, conceptor, editor, VJ
Tobias van Bladel Partner: Visual Artist & VJ
Michelle van Mil Creative Director & VJ
Gijs de Fijter Camera, Tech & VJ