NIKKIE in concert
Where music meets fashion

Described by some as “Nikkie’s own Victoria’s Secret show” and by others as “Nikkie’s Vrienden van Amstel Live“, NIKKIE in concert was so much more. With a packed AFAS Live going crazy for the latest NIKKIE designs worn by women of all ages, supported by an all-star musical lineup, you can imagine our excitement providing the virtual worlds and backdrops for this show.

From “Motor & Western”, to “Panther & Galaxy”, to “Northern Light & Ice”, we brought all of the concepts that drive NIKKIE’s fashion designs to life on the video screens. Concept development, 3D and 2D content creation, and operating in a tightly directed show team was all part of the job.


Robin van Creij Visual artist & VJ
Michelle van Mil Creative Director & VJ
Tobias van Bladel Partner: Visual Artist & VJ
Gijs de Fijter Camera, Tech & VJ