Life in Color Tour
Bright colors. Bright visuals. Bright people.

Welcome to the world’s largest paint party! People were covered in paint while dancing away to some of the biggest dance tunes spun by some of the world’s leading DJs with VeeMee-visuals blowing their minds! More LIC performances for 2016 will be announced soon.

Dates: 6/12/2014 @ Rotterdam, The Netherlands | 27/8/2015 @ Tel Aviv, Israel | 30/01/2015 @ Manchester, United Kingdom | 28-05-2016 @ Izmir, Turkey | 06-08-2016 @ Istanbul, Turkey | 25-08-2016 @ Tel Aviv, Israel

VeeMee team members: Michelle
Client: Alda Events
Photocredits: LIC


Michelle van Mil Creative Director & VJ