Intents Festival 2020
Experience the feeling of Intents Festival

Intents – The Online Festival 2020 live stream was a virtual videogame venture. We felt so much at home, since the realm of pixels and polygons is our natural habitat! Through sheer mastery of our controllers, we were able to beat both the main & indoor stage’s end bosses, collecting all the bonuses and hidden loot, racking up that top score. Competition didn’t stand a chance against our skill on the faders. Finally, we busted out our special moves with a spectacular closing show. Some of the 250.000 viewers even wondered if we were using cheat codes… We promise we didn’t! We take this extremely seriously. After all, this is not a game…


Client: Intents Festival
Light operator: Koel van Elderen (Maos)
Stage design: Bigvis
Show design: N-Creations
Pictures: Intents Festival
Date: June 5th & 6th 2020