Festivals 2016
SUMMER '16, you’ve been good to us!

Our festival season was HUGE. All team members of VeeMee Visuals spread their love for art, passion for tech and ultimate energy at every stage we took over. We travelled from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv, met a lot of amazing people and worked at so many cool events. Woah, BIG THANKS!

Festivals: A Day At The Park, Matrixx At The Park, Daydream Festival, 7th Sunday, Harmony of Hardcore, DOUR Festival, Share A Perfect Day, Les Mills Megakwartaal, Oerol Festival, Freshtival, Fantasy Island, Destress Festival, Shockers, Aus Berlin etc. etc.
Client: Various:
Date: Summer & Winter of 2016


Michelle van Mil Creative Director & VJ
Gijs de Fijter Camera, Tech & VJ
Chok Wah Man 3D Hero
Chris de Krijger Filmmaker
Roel van Diek HR & Finance manager
Suzanne van Dongen Super fast editor & VJ
Marthe Roosenboom Partner: Illustration & Timeline writing