A fairy tale marriage
If walls could talk

Can you hear the wedding bells ringing? VeeMee Visuals sure did! Wait, Did Michelle and Roel tied the knot? No! We created a 3D video mapping fairy tale about the lives of the lovely couple Tom and Ghioya. The first date, the first kiss, the first child, the rehousing to the Piushaven, the second child and the engagement in New York. Their romantic story was projected on the frontage of the castle! Location: Castle Maurick in Vught.

Client: First Impression
Location: Kasteel Maurick, Vught, NL
Dates: August 26th 2017

Sound design: walvisnest
Video production by VeeMee visuals
Concept & Timeline: Chris de Krijger & Michelle van Mil
Project manager: Chris de Krijger
Illustrations: Marthe Roosenboom
3d Animations: Chok Wah Man
Camera: Lars Berg & Chris de Krijger
Edit: Chris de Krijger


Chok Wah Man 3D Hero
Chris de Krijger Filmmaker
Michelle van Mil Creative Director & VJ
Marthe Roosenboom Partner: Illustration & Timeline writing