Emporium 2019
The Zoo

What a sight to behold! In the weeks running up to Emporium 2019, our documentary crew went on an expedition to witness our VJs in their natural habitat, operating at their utmost peak performance. Hunting and gathering fresh ideas, and nurturing the wildest visuals until fully grown to become strong and independent VJ loops and closing shows. We created environments and animals, flora and fauna, biomes and ecosystems. From octopi and jellyfish in the watery depths to peacocks and parrots in the avian heights, we had it all covered. Most importantly, though, we had a dancing panda bear.


Gijs de Fijter Camera, Tech & VJ
Michelle van Mil Creative Director & VJ
Robin van Creij Visual artist & VJ
Suzanne van Dongen Super fast editor & VJ
Tobias van Bladel Partner: Visual Artist & VJ