de Langstraat
An ode to the Langstraat - Where history comes alive

The past, present and future came together in this ‘ode to the Langstraat’ at the city centre of Waalwijk. VeeMee visuals created a show where light installations, architecture, projections and designs came together.  The brick facade of the historic town hall from Waalwijk became our blank canvas. Our visuals told the story about the regional economy, political history and the historical connection between the region and the Rabobank, one of the biggest multinational banking and financial services companies of the Netherlands. An extraordinary project!

Client: EventZ, RedNose & Rabobank
Location: Raadhuis, Waalwijk, NL
Dates: 13-17 February 2017

Video shows sketch – render – video:


Chok Wah Man 3D Hero
Chris de Krijger Filmmaker
Gijs de Fijter Camera, Tech & VJ
Marthe Roosenboom Partner: Illustration & Timeline writing
Roel van Diek HR & Finance manager
Michelle van Mil Creative Director & VJ