Carnaval 2017

Alaaaaf! In the Netherlands our VJ squad is mainly known as ‘Team South’, therefor we couldn’t miss out on ‘our carnival’. In the old days it was an originally pagan spring festival assimilated by the Catholic Church, but nowadays it’s springbreak on steroids in the South of the Netherlands. VeeMee visuals created some fun visuals for different events, like the opening ceremony ‘3uurkes vurraf’ at Eindhoven and Lunatixx @ XXLerator at Venray.

Our client for ‘3uurkes vurraf’ is the biggest regional TV-station in the south of the Netherlands: Omroep Brabant. Our festive visuals in the colours of the region were a welcome change to all the old-skool balloons, decorations and party streamers traditional for carnival.

Client: Omroep Brabant & Matrixx
Date: 24/25-02-2017
Pictures: Omroep Brabant + Matrixx


Gijs de Fijter Camera, Tech & VJ
Chris de Krijger Filmmaker
Suzanne van Dongen Art director, conceptor, editor, VJ
Michelle van Mil Creative Director & VJ