content creation

VeeMee creates… visual support for festivals, concerts, DJs, events, shows and musea

live performance

VeeMee creates… visual productions for an incredible experience during live shows or concerts

show production

VeeMee creates… larger than life timecode show productions that blow your mind

music videos

VeeMee creates… must see videos that leave viewers amazed

VEEMEE VISUALS CREATES larger-than-life experiences

VeeMee visuals – a collective of artists, illustrators and designers – is specialized in live visual performances and content creation for events and festivals. VeeMee Visuals is based in the Netherlands. Initiator Michelle van Mil (VJ VeeMee): “We perform around the world, from Bucharest to Bali. Together we have done over 800 shows”.

VeeMee is a super talented team of highly trained monkeys… uh…. (just kiddin’…) passionated visual artists who work day in, day out to rock screens around the globe. VeeMee creates visual support for festivals, concerts, DJs, business events, award shows, fashion shows, theatre shows and museums. This includes live visual performances, content creation, video mapping, 360° panoramic projection, performance mapping, video clips and more. Check out our awesome work!